Mirror cave

Mirror cave is a plataform game that tells that tells the history of the adventure of a young man in the middle age that explores a crystal cave.In this cave we have a creature called Lord Blind,who is peacefull if not bothered.The young man continues he jouney to find the Master key,the key that opens all doors in the world.The young man called Max reaches Lord Blind,which says to Max leave him alone or he will pay.Max defeat Lord Blind and collect the Master Key.He use the Key to open the cave exit and the player discover that Max is a thief hunted in 4 kingdoms fo murder,pickpocket,traitor,etc.The hero is the villain,and the villain is neutral.The players most often think that the character that is being controlled is the good guy, and that giant monster is the bad one.As people do not see things as they really are, see how they want it.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
MS Windows, Android device, iPhone, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Xbox 360 or older, Playstation 3 or older
Technology Notes: 
Construct 2,Photoshop CS6,Autodesk Maya
Installation Instructions: 

1-Execute Indx inside Mirror Cave

2-Have fun

In order for game inicialization,you must have Construct 2 on your computer.

Source files: