Sir Nutselot was an honorable knight. He was loyal to the king, and to his people. Eventually, as conspiracies against the rightful ruler of his country started, he was locked up into his castle, got sieged by evil thingies. Sir Nutselot knew that him being locked up there was the first step of an elaborate plot to overthrow the king. When he saw the dragon through the windows of his cell, he knew that he had to escape and protect the king. At least that's what he says to himself. He's actually in an asylum. He's been living there for a loong time now. He never thought of leaving his "castle", until now. He was afraid. Fear led to confusion and in this confusion he lost his sense of motion. Now he thinks that the world moves around him, not vice versa. SO, in this game you do not control Sir Nutselot. You are the path which will let him run away from his cell as far as possible.
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Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used 2tToolkit for 2D Drawings, FingerGestures for detect touch input and HoTween for tween animations.
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