Lu's Inside

This game tells the story of a young one named Lu that is target of bullying in school because of his/her androgyny. One day Lu was specially threatened by the bullies, making him/her feel very angry and sad. In the way to his/her home, he/she founds him/herself lost in his/her thoughts. That's when the game starts. Lu starts to see people and things around him/her as he/she seems him/herself. The way that Lu feels about him/herself changes the scenario and the characters on it. The only way to find the way home is calming down and dealing with emotions and people, to find happiness.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Construct 2
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Click on Index in the realease folder.


Euler Santana (Programmer / Audio Enginnering)

Marcos Silva [@massilva] (Programmer / Designer)

Renato Leal (Designer)

Túlio Duarte [Ctuelho] (Programmer)

Victor Santos [@mithr4nd1r] (Programmer)

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