Ludic Connection: Passage & Eyeballs Pinball

Two completely different games in a one of a kind bundle. Somehow these two contrasting worlds are connected… Eyballs Pinball Frantic pinball action with a twist and a radically eclectic feast for the eyes. Passage An explorative platform game set in a mystic world fraught with danger. Survive through the seasons and embark on a journey that spans generations. Concept: The two radically different games are deeply connected. A player's actions will influence the other game and vice versa.
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The was built using the custome made Phantom Engine in C# and utilizes custom Awesome.Sauce network code to link the games' actions to each other. The levels in Passage are procedurally generated.

Karel Millenaar - Artist & Co-Designer

Joris Dormans - Design & Gameplay Engineering

Koen Bollen - Programming

Hendrik Visser - Artist

Stephan van der Feest - Audio

Javier Sancho - Production & Level Design

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