Long live the Kim!

You play either a rebel hidden in the crowd trying anything to get your political message heard by the population or the security chief of the great leader trying to locate and remove the rebels. Game pads are required to play this game. The first player will be the security chief while additional players will play as rebels. Security Chief controls: Use the joystick to move the light spot toward a suspect and press the action button (A) to send militia take care of him.You can also force the crowd to stop moving briefly (B) to spot other players more easily. Rebels controls: Use the joystick to move around, button (A) to run and hold action button (B) to do various contextual actions. Beware to mimic other citizens or that would help the militia to find you. Try imitate the population's behavior. Security Chief win after 3 minutes Rebels win if they degrade 6 emblematics objects
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Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Full 3D Game


Jean-Denis Pauleau

Hugo Blanc

Joel Birot

Anthony Cyrille



Jonathan Le faucheur


Game design:

Renaud Bartens