Listen to the Age of Friends

Place your Facebook friends as musical notes ordered by age , so the correct melody will be played. This version is fully playable and contains 12 melodies, but you can continue to play forever and become an expert in the order which the stork visited your parent's friends. *does NOT post anything to your wall
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Technology Notes: 
only works properly on iPhone 5
Installation Instructions: 

Download zip , open Xcode project,  build,  run and have fun :) 

If you get a "Facebook.h is missing" error,  remove the facebook framework from the project (only reference)  and add it again from the project's folder. That should fix this.


Nimrod Yizhar  ([email protected]) - Game design, Programming, Music and Graphics

*used Facebook SDK and CocosDenshion sound engine


thanks to Galia Appel for the musical scale idea  and to Sagiv Ofek for help and support :)

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