It's a fact that people use everyday electric devices to serve their needs.We only need to put some settings and *choof!* everything is done by the device that we used. For example, I have to wash my dishes.I stack them in the dish washer press the button that starts the device and nothing else! I am like a king! In 10 minutes I'll have my dishes washed without having got a single mole of water in my hands! How is that possible? Everything is being made so automatically for us.. Most people will say: "You know ,we live in 21st century and with the rapid technologic progress , everything is being automated for our needs . So concerning your example , obviously ,we see that the dish washer is a combination of solid pieces connected in an specific way that with power supply will do the action/service that it was designed to do." LIGOOSA Our answer is NO! We SEE that LiGooSa (ligöza) are the creatures that help us on our everyday needs!These little fellows are inside of every device and do the work instead of us.Yes.without demanding a reward. That's why we call them LiGooSa: Little Good Samaritans -LiGooSa are a part of ourselves,because none except for you, would -fullfill your own need or goal...
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I am who I want to be
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Konstantinos Pelelis - Game design-Modeling-Development

George Tsabou - Game design - Modeling - Animation - Sound Efeects

Giannis Pelelis - Game design - Texturing - Various artistic tasks-Logo

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