You will need to choose one of the doors to guess the silhouette that appears through the glass corresponds to a monster or a simple object. You have three lives and lose one each time you miss. There is the option to go out and pick another door. The game ends when you lose your three lives. And your score is displayed for you.
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You Only Live Thrice
Design, Create, Play
Technology Notes: 
iOS Game developed in Objective C using the API Sprite Kit. The first version of this game is only compatible with iPad and has been tested on iPad 4th generation and iPad mini 1th generation.
Installation Instructions: 

Only works on iOS Simulator or an iPad in developer mode if you have an Apple developer account.

Xcode 5 is required to build and install on your device or iOS Simulator.


Game Design and Development: Elison Rissatto

Game Design2D Art and Graphics: Luana do Valle and Emerson Rissatto

Music: Alexandre Campos

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