Joe's Sins

Joe is a man being judged in the limbo. He's convinced he deserves better. Through various challenges of control and skill, he must recall the memories of his sins and realize if he truly is worthy of paradise... Or if he's won a ticket to a warmer place.
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Homo Sapiens are Boring
The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor
Back to the 1885
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity 3D version 4.3.2 Adobe Illustrator G drive Logic Pro X Flash Photoshop
Installation Instructions: 

Just donwload and Play it! 

If you have problems with the web player, just minimize and maximize it

Any problem fix or something.

Can you send it to [email protected]



Ignacio Martínez García - God Omnimoso (Developer) 

José Orihuela Sánchez - Optimus Velociraptor Terminator (Developer)

Roque Peña González - "If you can't build a robot, be a robot." (Game Design)

Azael Cázares Rangel - Badass Sword of Dawn (Game Design)

Edgar Eduardo Yáñez - Musical Enchiridion (Composer)

Alejandro Ostiguin - Arte Mental (Animator)

Gabriela Alexandra Cortés Cavazos - Redneck Fast Pizza Burger Pinup Logo Maker (Illustrator) 

Paula Peña - World's Wreckr & Character Design (Character designer)

Daniella Alexandra Cortés Cavazos - I'm Hungry (Illustrator) 

Game Stills: