You kin has been stranded on an island and their phobias that distort the world that they see are stopping them from helping themselves. Find them and bring them home. (Download links in Installation Instructions section below)
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I am who I want to be
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Most of the controls are mentioned during the start of the game except for the "P" key which will restart the game (useful if you fall out/through of the level). Also of note is the fact that the restart and exit keys don't work during the first two screens of the game. Simply skip through them quickly using the "Enter" key and once the game level loads, these keys will be active.


(Spoilers) Isla is a game about exploration so reading the walkthrough before playing is not recommended. However, we didn't end up getting enough time to make the world as full as we would have liked so reading this after wandering around the game for a while might help you get through to the end.

You start the game out next to a boat. This is your way to and from the islands so it is both the start of the game and the end goal of the game. The boat is docked to the smallest island so you'll want to head forward, over the swing bridge and make your way to the larger island. Once there, you want to continue heading forwards in a straight line towards a forest. Inside this forest is a small house with a creature next to it, which looks like a smaller version of your character. When you go up to it, you'll be presented with 2 options: to make this creature follow you or to make it follow you while looking through its eyes. You main goal is to lead this creature back to your boat.

This goal is made harder by the fact that this creature has specific phobias related to the world, which scare it and stop it from following you. By using the ability to look through the creatures eyes while moving around, you'll notice that the world goes darker as you get closer to areas that frighten it. Go around these areas and make it home.

Using the game source code

Our source code requires Unity Pro 4.3.3 and Autodesk 3ds Max to be able to run.

To run the game from the source, simply:

  1. Unzip source into new folder
  2. Open with Unity Pro 4.3.3
  3. Open scene "Intro" which is located within /_GameAssets/Scene
  4. Press Play

Edward Blanch - Art / Game Design / Level Design / Music

Scott Beca - Programming / Game Design

David Nemirovsky - Music / SFX

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