I see

Starting with the theme, 'We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are', we used the word 'see' at a key word for our ideas. We first thought of blind people and how maybe they see the world but then were drawn to other types of creatures that were blind and were instantly thought of a bat. This relates to the theme as bats don't see, they hear and we wanted to implement this concept into a game. Bats in themselves don't see things as they are but see them in their own way, through hearing and sound. We then decided we should play as a bat in a birds eye view kind of horror maze game. Where the level is completely black, you play as a vampire bat (with a slight faded light around you so the player can at least see something) and you have a 'soundmeter' that you can activate to light your path. You must be careful and be wise when you use the soundmeter because it runs out over time. The soundmeter is used to see enemies/your path and an attack from an enemy makes the player lose 1 out of 3 lives but also results in the enemy disappearing. The obstacles in the players path are crosses, holy water and little suns. The player has the opportunity to collect rewards which are blood droplets to almost theoretically cure the vampire bats thirst that are worth 100 points and cure the players health. The player can also collect coffins which reward 500 points. There is a main menu that has buttons that lead to how to play the game, what the game is about and the typical, play and quit. There are three levels. Level one is basic were you collect blood droplets, get used to the soundmeter and the controls. It is based on a graveyard scene to get that dramatic scary/horror feel. Level two is more challenging and adds new features such as holy water. This level is based on a creepy silent garden with a cracked path as the texture and the player is surrounded by dead roses. Level 3 is more challenging and has a boss at the end. This boss is an eye and we made this to relate to the key word, 'see' and the title. There is a high-score at the end. Audio was a big influence on our decisions and ideas. We chose the game title ' I see ' because it was about the bat 'seeing' her path. The story we gave to it was the bat is trying to get to her cave because of dangers. So you as the player reach the cave at the end.
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You Only Live Thrice
You Say it!
Honor Aaron Swartz
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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