How To Rule The World in 3 Minutes

A instructional simulation for aspiring villains. How To Rule The World in 3 Minutes is a local multiplayer game for four players. Each player controls their own character with a unique colour. The objective is to capture the tower objectives on the screen by standing inside them for a few seconds, and turning them to your colour. You can use some powerups to annoy your opponent's push for towers. Each player will need their own Xbox 360 controller. Left stick to move your character, A to jump and B to use any powerups. Escape to exit the game, return to go back to the menu screen.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Developed using Monogame in Visual Studio
Installation Instructions: 

Release "Game.exe" in release folder. Full source in src folder, you will need a copy of Visual Studio (pref 2010) to run the project and an installation of Monogame which is included in the other folder. All code files and assets are included in the src and release folders.


Artist: Callum Lyons


Ryan Cook - @RyanCook1993

Steven Gordon,

Andrew Gozillon,

Martin Grant - @_martingrant -

Liam McVie - @Liam_Mcvie


Game developed using Monodevelop with Visual Studio


Music: (CC License)

Font used for game titles:

Game Stills: