Traverse the mean streets of a randomly generated city, begging for money, scavenging food and braving the cold to stay alive.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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A Global Game Jam 2014 game by Quantum Shade Interactive (QSI)

Welcome to the game "Homeless". In this game, you take the role of a homeless person. As a member of the bottom rung of society's ladder, you must swallow your pride and do what you can to stay fed, warm and alive in this randomly generated city.

You go by many names. "Hobo", "Scum" , "Drifter", "Leech"...
As a victim of circumstance, you do what you can to scrape by, living a humble existence from the scraps and rare generosity of society.
But now, the coldest winter on record is fast approaching. You must keep yourself warm, or the elements will surely kill you. However, it's not entirely hopeless. If you can manage to secure $350, you can put a deposit down for an apartment. With proper shelter, you'll be able to survive the cold. Find people on the street and ask them for money and search dumpsters for discarded food and clothing.


Movement:                WASD
Jump:                          Space
Interact / pick up:    Left Click
Option Select:           Numbers 1 - 5
Title:                            Esc
Quit:                            Alt + F4

Health:        Will lower when you get injured or if your clothing isn't sufficient to ward off the cold. Raise it by eating food. The game is over if it reaches 0.
Sustenance:    Will lower as you don't eat. Search dumpsters or ask people for food. You can also buy food at kiosks.
Clothing:           Protects you against the cold. If the cold exceeds your clothing rating, you begin to lose health.
Money:              Use this to get food and medecine from vendors. If you get $350, you win the game.
Tips:                  It's coldest during the night.
                           Burning Barrels and to a lesser extent dumpsters can reduce the cold.
                           Search dumpsters for food or parked cars for money by clicking on them.
                           Ask people for money, food and clothing. You might get lucky.

Matt Cabanag:        Coding, Game Design
Peter Reeves:        Coding, Game Design, Artwork
Alex Coe:        Game Design, Audio


Matt Cabanag: Coding, Game Design
Peter Reeves: Coding, Game Design, Artwork
Alex Coe: Game Design, Audio

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