Hero's Masks

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Often, the world around seems to change depending on our emotions. On a sunny day, a happy person finds the weather beautiful. A angry person complains it’s too hot. A scared person might be worried it’s too bright and might cause a sunburn. Finally, a sad person might wonder: “Why does the sun, keep on shining?” when their world is falling apart. Everybody sees the world from their own point of view, depending on their mood. In “<Hero’s Masks>”, you play a woodland creature named Hero, who has the ability to change its mood. To do that, Hero uses masks collected throughout the level. Certain obstacles and enemies can only be overcome wearing a particular mask. When you see a translucent wall, you can go through it. The wall becomes opaque and impassable when you switch mood to that wall’s color. The masks are your enemies, but they can be defeated and collected as item if your mood/color matches the mask. Masks collected are consumed to allow you to change mood. The game is playable on iPhone and iPad. You cycle through Happy, Sad, Scared and Angry by a swipe of the finger. Tapping on the screen makes you jump. You run continuously until the end. You lose if you get stuck, fall into a hole or collide an enemy without the proper mood. When you reach the golden mask, you complete the level. Tips: - Remember the sequence that let you get through some challenging parts. - Try different combination of jump/swipe actions. Keep in mind, there’s always a solution. - You can overcome enemies by either jump over them or choosing the right mood to get through them.
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I am who I want to be
iPhone, iPad
Technology Notes: 
All the art was produced at the Jam using photoshop, and animated with Flash. The music was done in Garageband. The game is built using SpriteBuilder and Cocos2d. SpriteBuilder was also utilized was level editor.

Benjamin Encz - Programmer

Jack McCarron - Programmer

Brian Pawlina - Programmer

Anna Klonoff - Artist

Melissa Erin Wallace - Artist

Vincent Le Quang - Animator and composer

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