Hamsters' Time!

2D game settled in a mystical room, which takes completely different forms depending on the person, who is brave enough to enter it, and three hamsters trying to reveal its secrets.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
We are using our own game engine with implemented 2d and 3d renderer. We don't use complex lighting and shadowing in the game but the engine supports it.
Installation Instructions: 

Just launch Game2DTest.exe. (Last version of DirectX may be required).

And play! Use mouse to choose hamster or interact with object and WASD to control hasmter.


Muralev Evgeny - programmer

Vsevolod Radchenko - programmer

Alexey Kirsanov - artist

Raskovalov Andrey - game designer, scriptwriter

Source files: