Gender's Game

Supposedly, psychological studies state that we see the world as a better place when we smile. What's even more interesting, is that it works even when we don't feel like smiling and force ourselves to do so. Our hero is a sad guy trapped in a dungeon, who discovers that he can escape traps and solve puzzles using his other nature and a little smile. :)
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You Only Live Thrice
Round and Round
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
game uses modified smile detection code from here:
Installation Instructions: 

1. Run GendersGame.exe

2. Click Immersive to use YOUR smile to switch worlds!
        [ or Normal mode to use the space bar (but only if you have no camera :) ]
3. after clicking Immersive...
    [ click Skip if you already did steps a and b before :) ]
    a) smile and click Step 1... button
    b) don't smile and click Step 2... button
4. In game
    left/right arrow keys - run
    A - jump
    SMILE - switch to female form and change gravity/mechanics/foes to friendly creatures
    STOP smiling - switch to male form
    [ alternatively use the SPACE BAR in Normal mode ]


#renegaci team:
Aleksander 'Aidenn' Gielnicki - gfx,msx
Radoslaw 'Thraden' Papierski - concept, level-design
Marcin 'nosfer' Puchalski - programming, some gfx, smiling mechanics concept :)

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