Game: The Game

You've been playing games all your life, but have you ever think about how it feels to be a game? Experience game like you've never before! You will control the main loop, remove deleted objects and update the UI using the ever responsive touch controls! Your performance will reflect the game's rating, directly contribute to its review! All of this - and more - brought to life beautifully with colourful visuals delivered via Unity3D and Futile Framework.
Jam year: 
iPad, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Using Futile framework ( on top of Unity 3D to help in building 2D game. SFX is generated with Bfxr (
Installation Instructions: 

No need for installs, can be played straight from browser.
Disclaimer: The game is attuned for touch input (example: iPad).

Playing Instructions:
Prevent the game from crashing so it can finish properly. The game will be over when it has encountered more than 10 errors. By keep clicking or tapping on the correct location at the same time, error can be prevented so the game can be finished without crashing.
Tap or click on the red target indicator when it appears on the screen to stop the error count from increasing.
Error count: Will increase each time you miss an indicator.
Rating: The game will be rated on every run based on how buggy it is.
Health: Player's in-game health, game will be finished if it reaches 0.


Raka Mahesa (@legacy99) - Programmer

Karunia Ramadhan (@rukanishino) - Programmer

Namira Chaldea ( - 2D Artist

Using music by Eric Skiff (

Game Stills: