Game Djembe (Game-title: Arty Party)

Gather friends and strangers to play Arty Party, and get to know each other by expressing your mind in a painting! One player, the painter, covertly shapes a painting on the tablet until it looks like a logical image to him. Then the other players, the imitators, take turns with attempting to imitate the painter’s image. Solution found? Then the painter and successful imitator both earn points, and the next player in line becomes the painter. You gradually learn to understand each other’s minds, your identities unfolding like puzzles. Arty Party is currently playable on Android tablets with 4 players.
Jam year: 
You Say it!
Can You Come And Play?
Round and Round
Android device
Technology Notes: 
The game is developed with Adobe Air (PC, iOS, Android & OUYA products).
Installation Instructions: 

Installing Arty Party on an Android Tablet.

1. Go into the settings menu and find an option called “Unknown Sources” or something like that, and enable it. This allows you to install apps that were downloaded from somewhere other than Google Play.

2. Put the Arty Party APK on your phone or SD card.

3. Use your file manager to install the APK.

4. Now you can run it like any other Android app.


Justin van Luijk

Lead Game Design
Wytze Kamp

Game Design
Yhorik Aarsen
Stijn Frishert

Justin van Luijk

Game Development
Yhorik Aarsen

Moniek Schilders

Music and Sound Design
Stijn Frishert

Web Development
Justin van Luijk

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