A Frayed Yarn

You play as Kitty, a happy well-cared for cat. Over the course of a week your normal routine of exploring your home, playing with toys, eating and sleeping is upset by an increasingly neglectful owner. The cat's priorities are that of routine structure, of predictability, and being well fed and loved. This is upset as its owner "Mama" deviates from her routine structure. But why? The cat's priorities differ from that of the owner's suddenly - does the owner no longer love kitty? This is a guided narrative through the eyes of a cat whose world is turned on end - and the vast divide between a human perspective and priorities and a cats perspective and priorities, and those brief, rare moments of epiphany where inter-species communication are found. All actions are performed with the Leap Motion interface. Players, use your paws! Tags: First Person exploration with platforming elements, sandbox, play, guided narrative, emotional story, mystery *A fully playable, yet temporary and incomplete build was submitted for the GGJ. Final complete version will be submitted in a imminent update :)
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Homo Sapiens are Boring
You Say it!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Softwares: Unity 3D, Leap Motion Controller, Musagi
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Just run the executable.


Designed to use Leap Motion controls.  Open hand (fingers spread) controls movement. Closed fist with index finger extended controls cat paw.  Quick up and down motion to jump.


Keyboard controls: Arrow keys or WASD for movement.  Left shift to activate cat paw.  Space to jump.


Andy Danielson- Programming, Design
Mike Griffin - Programming
Elton Chen - Design, Programming, Writing
Dexter Friedman- Programming, Writing
Dimitri Andreyev- Writing, Music Composition
Chloe Lopez- Design & Art, Writing, Voice Acting
Jeremy Lavin- Production, Design, 3D Art


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