Fog of Delusion

Game Play Fog of Delusion is a side scrolling action game. The object of the game is to avoid getting hit by the alien slime or touching the alien’s body. The human’s best defense speed and shoot a range. Later the game will player will play as an alien and the roles will reverse. Avoid the human’s guns! Story Humanity has taken to the stars. In a bid to find resources, humanity has sought worlds to colonize. Earth is a shell of its former self. Biodiversity is low. Weather is severe. Drought has ruined food resources. Earth’s leaders have made heavy use of propaganda to make humans think they are doing what is right, what is great for humanity. A young soldier named Abraham has fallen for this patriotic fervor. He is an active participant in the alien genocide. As the game unfolds, however, Abraham has come to realize that humanity’s desperation is leading it down a terrible course of endless genocide and environmental devastation throughout the universe. Controls The player uses the space bar to shoot. The left and right arrow keys to move back and forth. Up arrow key will be used for jumping and climbing ladders. Down arrow is for picking up items.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Design: Robert Dran, Navid Ahmadi, Michael Bryant

Storywriter: Robert Dran

Programmer: Michael Bryant, Navid Ahmadi

Graphics: Michael Bryant

Sound Designer: Michael Bryant


Source files: