When Fish, an ex-soldier has his family murdered in cold blood by a corrupt city officials. He seeks justice. He knows however that he alone cannot take on the corrupt city politicians and the misguided police/security forces himself. So he attempts to enlist the help of Fingers, a retired combat medic he once served with. Seeing Fish's obsession with revenge, Fingers decides that he would help by making sure that those who were not responsible do not die needlessly as he left the army to become a Paramedic and actually save lives. Where Fish sees a room of murderers, Fingers sees people who have been lead astray.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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  • Unzip all contents of to desired directory
  • Double click fishfingers.exe to play



  • Left Click to Shoot (as Fish the Soldier) / Heal wounded (as Fingers the Paramedic)
  • W-A-S-D to move around



  • As Fish the Soldier, you only need to kill the Local Leader. He has a rather fancy orange blazer and brutal fireaxe as a weapon. Do not let him get close.
  • As Fingers the Paramedic, you must keep all police/security mebers alive as they are simply being paid to do their job. they were not responsible for the murder of Fish's family. They need not pay the price. As Fingers enters the scene, the guards will be bleeding out. Make sure they stay alive by providing first aid. If they go completely red, they wont be able to see their family ever again. If even one of these innocent guards die, the level restarts.

David Kilford

Yosha Noesjirwan

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