First Glance

First Glance is about the concepts we take for granted in various game perspectives and how new fun can be in subverting those assumptions. Our character takes a journey from ignorance to enlightenment by questioning precepts that a game usual confronts a player with, thereby getting new perspectives and seeing the world more and more for what it is rather than what the player is. It is an inversion of the prompt, attempting to transcend the limitation that it implies. Controls: WASD movement, grab objects with E, jump with space. One of our members had a solo project called Mirror Vision and managed to make a small prototype in Unity for Windows. You can download and play his prototype from this link: And download the source code here:
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Rebels Learns it Better
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Ben Kurdziel

Tony V. Le

Nathan Lindley

Spencer Riedel

Josh Franklin

Muneer Sarsour

Grant R Snyder

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