FACE is uncomfortable. Your skin feels weird. Explore a world inhabited by faces. The faces of previous players. Your hair grows at uneven paces. When FACE begins, it'll ask two things: it'll ask you to sign an honesty contract, and it'll want to take a photo of your face. Your doppelganger is dangerous. It has a marker and draws on people's faces. It's wearing your face. Beat it in a staring contest. Then you'll become part of FACE. You're ugly. And everyone will see it.
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Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Honor Aaron Swartz
Back to the 1885
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game is playable in 1885 if you travel back with a machine that can play this game in 1885.* *staring contests existed in 1885. Unless everyone didn't have eyes.
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Install FACE.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Use an obscene amount of acne cream (you'll need it).
  4. Open FACE.
  5. Prepare to take selfie for FACE.
  6. Run back to the bathroom.
  7. Take another shower.
  8. Use the rest of your acne cream (there shouldn't be much left).
  9. Wash your face again.
  10. Now its red. Quickly, use all the cover-up you have in the house.
  11. Go back to FACE.
  12. Take the selfie. 
  13. Regret taking the selfie.
  14. Realize that it asks you for a second selfie. (They didn't mention a second one in the game description.)
  15. Do it too.
  16. Now your face is in FACE until the Earth stops.
  17. We can still see your blemishes. 

Denver Coulson: Lead A.I. programmer; @DenverCoulson (http://www.elevenelevenstudios.com)

Ben Sironko: Lead  A.I. programmer; @BenSironko (http://bensironko.tumblr.com)

Bailey Cuccaro: Lead A.I. programmer and face engineer; @Pyrothephoenix

James Earl Cox III: Lead A.I. programmer; @TheTheBatman (http://seeminglypointless.com)

Bob De Schutter: Additional A.I. programmer; @BobDeSchutter

Lifeformed: Music (http://lifeformed.net)

A.I.: Lead programmer, artist, designer, animal consumer, sound technician, web-host, hair expert. 



No faces were harmed in the making of FACE.

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