Its a game where a robot will be player and another robot will the checkpoint, the checkpoint will have four buttons for the player robot push, but only one of four buttons is the correct so the player will have 25% of chance to chose the correct one but the map of the game will have 4 quests where the player will recive hints to chose the correct button.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Lego Mindstorms.
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Dont have installation its a physical game.


Marcelo Gasparin (Project Management and Rules of the Game)

Guilherme Braguini (Programmer, Game Designer and Video Editor)

Leonardo Arthur Wojcik (Constructor, Photo and Video)

Vinicius Negreti Souto (Programmer)

Andre Luiz Cordeiro (Constructor)

Rennan Felipe Alves de Chaves (Constructor)

Gabriel Alexandre Lima Santos (Story, Game Designer and Audio)

Renata Grisolli (Artist, Story and Game Designer)


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