Nicholas goes to a psychiatrist. His mind’s balance is in danger because of his acute schizophrenia. The different enneatypes of his numerous personalities must collaborate to keep his stability. But, careful! In this cooperative work, there is a traitor enneatype. Will the players be able to keep the balance and discover who the saboteur among them is? This is a "cooperative" multiplayer game with tower defense elements.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
this game has a node.js server. If you want to play it, firs you need install node js, and install (with npm ) express and socket.io: npm install express socket.io once you have node with express and socket.io, you need run server with: sudo node server_jam.js (Linux) or open cmd with sudo permisions, go to: C:/Program File(x86)/nodejs and type: node.exe server_jam.js
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