El Weedo

An Epic adventure of a hero who journeys from south Florida to Calorado in order to obtain medicine for the elderly glaucoma patients, while avoiding the police. This game uses the "Patented" 420 Interface*. The entire game is controlled with just three keys. The [4] key, the [2] key, and the [0] key. [4], [2], and [0] control motion. The guy can only move "forward", "backward", and "turn left". He can't "turn right" because as everyone knows, you should always pass it to the left. There are also two-key special moves that can be executed by holding down [4][2], [2][0], or [4][0] at the same time. The three special moves are Smoke Rings, "Shotgun", and Fabreeze. Blowing a smoke ring at an enemy ensnares him and renders him immobile for a short time. The "shotgun" move blows medicine smoke at an enemy, which turns him into a friend. This does not work on the police officers though. Fabreeze temporarily covers up the smell of the medicine so that police will not chase you, however, this does not work on police dogs since police dogs have a better sense of smell than police people. Because the medicine sometimes makes people a little forgetful, the controls get jumbled up after every stage. However, motion controls are always [4], [2], or [0] and special moves are always [4][2], [2][0], or [4][0]. Holding down [4][2][0] at the same times lets you puff on the medicine. This slows down the action and makes it easier to evade enemies for a limited time. However, after the puff wares off, the controls will be jumbled. Smoke rings, "shotguns", and puffing uses up your supply of medicine. There may sometimes be refills of medicine and Fabreeze that you can pick up. If you run out of medicine and there are no more refills on the board, you fail and must restart that stage. *Not Really Patented
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Rebels Learns it Better
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Phone, Android device, Tizen device, iPhone, iPad, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Xbox 360 or older, Linux / Unix, Generic mobile platform, Other digital platform
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HTML 4, JavaScript, CSS
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