Dungeon Flip

Dungeon Flip is a single-player tile-laying rogue-like game for people who like their genres to have hyphens in them. Players place tiles to create and outfit a character, then flip the tiles over to reveal the dungeon they must conquer with said character. Tiles placed will create a player's deck with which to fight the Monsters, Mooks, and Traps that litter the dungeon. The player start by selecting equipment and traits tiles to create their character. Each tile has a set number of random Fighter, Mage, and/or Rogue cards associated with it which are added to their Hero Deck. Fighter cards usually have Will Points, Mage cards usually have Magic Points, and Rogue cards usually have Trick points. Once their Hero is completed, the tiles are flipped over, revealing a dungeon that must be cleared of obstacles. The player draws six cards to make up their hand. Each tile has a Monster, Mook, or Trap that must be defeated using cards from the player's hand, and each obstacle has certain requirements to defeat it. A Monster, for example, might require the player to discard 2 Magic points to defeat it. If the player doesn't have the appropriate points, they may discard twice the number of a different type of card instead. So, a Monster that requires 2 Magic points could be beaten with •2 Magic points •1 Magic point and 2 Trick points •1 Magic point and 2 Will points •1 Magic point, 1 Trick point, and 1 Will point After each fight, the player draw cards from their Hero Deck to refill their hands, and moves on to the next available room of the dungeon. The player moves orthogonally, and can't pass through a space without dealing with the obstacle inside. They can see whether a room contains a Monster, Mook, or Trap, but can't see what is required to defeat an obstacle until committing to the room. Monsters usually are beaten by Magic points, Mooks usually are beaten with Will points, and Traps are usually beaten with Trick points. The player must carefully pick their battles based on what cards in their hands to minimize their card commitment to each room, because their Hero Deck is limited, and they lose once it is empty. The player wins if they successfully clear the dungeon of obstacles before running out of cards.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
Round and Round
Back to the 1885
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Dungeon Flip is being built in Unity and as a physical game.
Installation Instructions: 

Download and unzip DungeonFlip.zip.  Execute DungeonFlip.exe.


On Friday the 24th of 2014 there was chaos. The 6th Annual St Louis Game Jam had begun and the theme was "We don't see things as they are, We see things as we are." Of the many ideas that were proposed one stuck out as being unique: A game where you build your character and then flip over to become the dungeon. Many random faces came together in interest of this idea for a game. We banded together and decided to take up the challenge of creating this game. We are the team of Dungeon Flip.

Our party of badasses consists of:

Jon Leek
Producer/Game Designer
Master of Roaring at Cats, Jon was the one who came up with the idea for a dungeon flipping game and is the head of our team. Does special projects at Lumate and chairs IGDA-STL.

Marissa Schaefer
Game Designer/ Art
Marissa is a local graphic designer illustrator and animator.

Stephen Weatley
Writer/ Game Designer
Dungeon Master Stephen conjured and came up with most of the equipment, traps and monsters. Currently working on a table top RPG in his spare time.

Kevin Switzer
Game Designer Support King 
Kevin came up with core game mechanics and provided moral support. Student in St Charles aspiring to become an Indie Game Developer.

Shawon Roberts
Game Designer

Chanet Andrews
Game Designer Guy with the Hat
Chanet came up with core game mechanics. Currently trying to put together a game for Kickstarter.

Mike Clubb
Head of Cyber Cerberus, Mike is one of the programmers who tore through code and bent it to his will.

Michael Carter
Head of Cyber Cerberus, Michael is one of the programmers who

Ed Wells
Head of Cyber Cerberus, Ed is one of the programmers who

Jillian Stiles
Art/ Illustration
Jillian worked on cards, item art and made the artwork her b****.

Kevin Faherty
Art/ Programmer
Photoshop Wizard, Kevin worked on background, characters and monsters. (Background)

Patrick Crecelius
Scoring/Sound Design
Sound Guru, Co-Founder of Fat Bard Music, Patrick graduated from Berklee College of Music and owns Cedar Box Studio, a local recording studio.

Aric Akbani
Game Designer
Jack of All, Master of None. Aric contributed to the math, game design and a little of everything. He is currently a student at WIU majoring in Computer Science.

Special thanks goes to University of Missouri St Louis and all the sponsors of this event who provided the space, food and facilities for us to function properly throughout this endeavor!

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