Dream Breaker

Wow!! Such dreams!! Much cupcakes!! Very steampunk!! Stuck in your dreams, you're unable to wake up and must go forward in a 2D platformer game. The main feature is that you can break the current dream setting in order to switch between different parrallel dream worlds. For example, if you're being pursued by a monster in a horrific nightmare, you might want to switch to a cuter world, effectively turning the monster into a harmless fluffy animal... That you can joyfully murder.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Dos Santos Jordan (GP)

Bonnet Maxime (GP)

Guegan Kévin (GA)

Malliet Francky (GA)

Livet Edwige (SD)

Evra Nicolas (GD)

Saoud Elias (GD)

Ziakovic Théo (GD)

Spécial Thanks to : 

Coca Cola, Redbull, Antonin, 42, Eddy Malou, Frogatto, It's a Small World, Doge, Kit Kat, Peter Parker, Christopher Nolan, Pouf-Pif-Pouf, Ticha Malou, Tamalou, Chocolat, Café, Glaçage, La Congolexicomatisation des lois du marché, , toi, Moi, Tout ceux qui le veulent, Gringotts, McDo, Nos oreillers, Candy Cruch, Pointu, Le Petit dinosaure, Denver, Dexter, Pedobear, Batman, Nyan Cat, Coockies, Gandalf, Sauron, Aragorn, Dr. Arr Ya, Yoda.