Drawn Onward

The player manipulates the world around the character, a small petrified knight running from a terrifying but unseen entity. The player must rotate obstacles to ensure the knight has safe passage and can get from the start of the level to the end. Though, sometimes, the player cannot see the knight and must enter his perspective to identify or avoid threats and hazards that the knight might be too petrified to notice without assistance. The world is a very charming, colourful place that is disrupted by otherworldly items and goings-on. But all is not as it seems.... The game features simplified controls in that the entire game can be played with only the two main mouse buttons.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Only a mouse is required to play.

Team Members

Designer - Daniel Savage

Character Artist/Animator - Danielle Whyte

Producer/Designer - Kenny Wildman

2D Artist - Lucky Chumber

Programmer - Matthew Boslem

3DArtist - Nick Elliott

Level Designer - Reiss Archibold


Spectaculum Medieval by vvsmusic

Game Stills: 
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