Doppler Dash

Disguised by deepening dusk, you have been dropped on Doppler Island, home to Dr Doppler and his Dopples. The dastardly Dr Doppler is determined to dominate the district. Dodge and dash through the Doppler Dungeon to discover and destroy the deranged Dopples... but don't become a Dopple dinner! ============================================================================================================== A homage to speed running of old FPS games, Doppler Dash invites you to reach the end zone as quickly as you can. Bunny hop, rocket jumping and wall-run your way through! ============================================================================================================== Controls: WASD->Movement Space->Jump Mouse ->Look Left Click->Fire rocket Shift->Wall-Run ============================================================================================================== Bunny Hopping: Bunny hopping is a technique to gain and maintain speed by jumping as you hit the ground to keep the ground friction from slowing you down. Simply jump every time you hit the ground as soon after as possible to go fast. Jumping accelerates you, the ground slows you down. Don't jump too early or you'll slow yourself. ============================================================================================================== Wall Running: Wall running is a move that allows your character to run along a wall, falling slower then he normally would. To wall run, hold shift when you are in the air next to a wall. Try starting your wall run when moving parallel to the wall to get the best effect. You can jump when wall running by pressing space. Try jumping into a wall run to extend your jump, then jumping at the top of your arc to get places you couldn't otherwise. ============================================================================================================== Rocket Jumping: You character is equipped with a rocket launcher. You can use this rocket to propel yourself by shooting it against a surface close to you. Shoot it at your feet after jumping to get some extra height, or shoot it at the ground behind you to push yourself forward. It's a trade between health and movement. ============================================================================================================== Lighting: The lighting of the level and game is based on two factors. First the colour is based on your speed, the faster you go the more it shifts blue, stop and it will shift back to red. The level of illumination is based on your health. Take damage and it gets darker, gain health to keep the level illuminated. If you want to finish fast you need to choose between visibility and the time it takes go grab health.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product), Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Game is built in Unity. Level meshes are built with UDK editor.
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and open in Unity, to open map files, find the udk files and open in UDK editor. To update meshes export the udk map as a .FBX file. Make sure to use DefaultMaterial to get the grid look in unity, and align all surfaces as box.

Source files: