Don't starve in the Holocaust

A mod for the game Don't Starve which sets an even grimmer Holocaust survival theme. The initial thought behind the mod was to create a game where reality is distorted based on the character sanity and hunger level (features already supported in Don't Starve base game). The twist however is that reality is so unimaginably horrifying that escaping from it actually makes it easier for the player to survive (as opposed to the original Don't Starve game). Not much of the original vision was implemented in the short term we had for the Game Jam.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Requires base game Don't Starve in order to run:
Installation Instructions: 

This Global Game Jam 2014 project is a mod requiring the base game Don't Starve to run.
Installation instructions:
1) Extract this zip file to your don't starve/mods dir (usually located under STEAMFOLDER/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods/)
2) Launch the game
3) Click the "mods" button and select the holocaust mod
4) Start a new game and click the "character" button.
5) Browse to the new Holoboy character, select it and launch the game


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