Cube of FireLightMagnet

3d puzzle game that will a-maze you. Also burn a bit, warp a little and extremely draw in. As a being made of unknown space energy, you travel across galaxy through grid-based maze-like levels, pulling, destroying and warping through different cubes. The trick is that you can see only one cube type at a time. Also features a LEVEL editor. Instructions: movement with WSAD, power change with mouse scroll, power activation with LMB and RMB. Level editor: change tiles with mouse scroll, place a tile SPACE, move cursor around with LMB pressed, remove tile RMB. Player start point with P, end of the level with O. Use this knowledge to finish Level 3. Exit the game: ALT+F4 (by design)
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I am who I want to be
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Programming: Anmol Thakur and Bartlomiej Ochnio

Design: Anmol Thakur, Bartlomiej Ochnio and Radoslaw Smyk

Level Design: Radoslaw Smyk

Level Editor: Anmol Thakur !!!

Sound: Bartosz Piekarski !!!

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