Take a picture of yourself and see what is inside! A minecraft-style sandbox game where you craft random things out of 'idea blocks'. Each time you play the items to craft and how you craft changes. Each level is generated from your webcam. Controls: WASD. Press space to jump (and get unstuck!). Look with the mouse. Press 'i' for inventory.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Built using Unity and a voxel tutorial project, lots of free assets, and NGUI.
Installation Instructions: 

The source files do not include NGUI, since it is a commercial product. As of 4.3.2 you cannot export a build that uses the WebCamTexture, so there is no mac build. I'm on a mac but I made a PC build. This is a known issue in 4.3.2 since a change to the quicktime APIs. The PC build might work, I haven't tried it. :) I've just been playing in the editor.

If you add NGUI I'd imagine this should work ok:

This code includes other people's hard work on the unity asset store, and also relies on the code in this voxel tutorial here:

When appropriate, the license to the Unity Asset has been included. All assets included were free on the unity asset store.



Programmer/Artist/Designer: Chris Hill

Audio: Ethen Marrs

Game Stills: