Conquering Curiosity

You are Dr Henry Jekyll - and someone has broken into your laboratory and stolen your secret serum! Now the whole town is in chaos as violent animals, doused in the dangerous potion, are out to get you. You must switch to and from your alter-ego, the dangerous, ill-hearted Mr Hyde to find clues and apprehend the villain!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Installation Instructions: 

Just run the SWF file,  or play on Kongregate:


T I Hely - Programming / Design Lead

Jevion White - Design / Art / Misc

Stephanie Ponevilai - Level Design

Julie Stone - Level Design

Cam Vo - Art

Vicky Hedgecock - Art

Jillian Stiles - Art

Isaac Benrubi - Music / Sound FX

Jordan Covert - Art

Jens Fischer - HaxeFlixel Emergency Support Guru!

Game Stills: 
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<embed src="" name="ConqueringCuriosity" wmode="opaque" width="640px" height="480px" />