The Conflict Room

The Conflict Room is a local multiplayer strategy game in which players rule a country. Before the game starts each player receives a secret mission which needs to be completed in order to win. In turns players need to allocate personnel to boost their military, agriculture or scientific capabilities. Each turn one country triggers an event on which the other players need to react. Two options are offered and the remaining 3 players need to vote how the event will be played out. Events can have an effect on a countries’ capabilities and are used to accomplish one’s secret mission. The Conflict Room is played using one main screen (which all players can see) that display each countries’ stats and four interface devices (this can be either a tablet or laptop).
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Can You Come And Play?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Game is completely web-based (HTML5) and best played on 4 tablets and one (big) screen.
Installation Instructions: 

Set up a (local) webserver and launch the game as a website -- make sure you have your server settings included in the proper files. Alter EVENTS.JS to create new scenarios.


Matthijs Diercks (Team captain, game design, sound design) 

Matthijs Dierckx is co-founder and publisher of Control Magazine, which covers the Dutch games industry. He's been writing about games, internet, movies and music since 1994. You can visit the international site of Control magazine here:

Rik Nieuwdorp (sound design)

Rik Nieuwdorp is an award winning composer and sound designer who has scored numerous videogames. Most recently Nieuwdorp was awarded a Dutch Game Award for the hit mobile game Nott Won’t Sleep. You can visit his website here:

Martijn Frazer (game design, lead programmer)

Martijn Frazer is a website and app developer and resides in the Dutch Game Garden. Together with Rik Nieuwdorp he recently launched Vlambeer Clone Tycoon which has been played over 20.000 times. You can check out his website here:

Rick van Beem (game design, programmer, marketing)

Rick van Beem is a freelance videogame marketeer/publicist who has worked for companies such as Gamania Digital entertainment, Cook & Becker, Playlogic, Lost Boys and OneBigGame.

Special Thanks

The Global Game Jam organisation and sponsors
Dop Terlingen MA and team of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Dutch Game Garden

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