Color Shift

Trough feelings everything has a story. In this world some of the feelings and emotions have disorientaited and created broken harmony. You are piece of art, a tribal that was created with these 3 feelings. Your goal is to stop this world to fall apart and bring harmony yet again in this world. - - - With feeling we can create art and with art we can show our worlds. Artistic world somewhere over there was in perfect harmony, and created new things in every aspect of art. But there would be change in that, when all the feelings started to think that they are the most important things in every art piece. This concluded the world fall in chaos and breaking feelings from the harmony. So it happened that three feelings were ripped from harmony Serenity, Passion and Anger. In the middle of all this they understanded really quick that they must return to the Source of Art or this world would be doomed to destroy itself in disharmony. These feeling created a form, a body of art named Tribal with all three feelings living inside of it. Now the travel begins to the Source and bringing harmony in the world before its too late. - - - This game is a platformer puzzle game. You need to use all three feelings to get pass all kind of challenges and survive the enemies.
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You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Gimp Photoshop
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