This game is about a miner who goes in a search of a treasure, but as he goes on his mission, he realizes that a melody being formed, farther and farther from the surface and in the darkness, emerges a better melody and new sounds, only you can discover the true emotions of the miner.
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You Say it!
MS Windows, Microsoft Windows Phone, Android device, Tizen device
Technology Notes: 
Marmalade SDK, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express, Visual Studio for Windows Phone 2012, Tizen IDE, Snacklib libraries
Installation Instructions: 

For Windows Phone 8: 

1.- Just install the .xap in the terminal


For Tizen: 

1.- You could use the Tizen IDE to import the wgt file like a "Web project and Wiget file" and deploy to your terminal


For Android: 

1.- Just install the .apk in the terminal


Libraries can be found on:


To compile the source code, you will need the marmalade SDK installed.


Programming:  Luis Ornes

Art: Daniel Ferrer  &  Marina Carro

Music: PleaseloseBattle


Libraries: Angel

Game Stills: 
Source files: