Bunch of No-Bodies

It's a game about finding "The One" from a bunch of nobodies. As spectral beings, two players compete to find the suitable body to invade while preventing other player from finding "The One" first. "The One" is hidden among the crowd. There is only one "The One", and both players will be hunting the same body. The game takes place in an underwater concert hall / art exhibition, which can house up to 200 guests. The guests will go on about their business, talking to each other and having a good time. Two Xbox controllers are recommended for playing, but one of the players can use mouse and keyboard if no additional controllers are available. Both players have three vision modes. Activating a certain vision will highlight a part of the crowd which respond to that color. Regular nobodies will only respond to one or two colors, but The One will be highlighted with all colors. The goal of the game is to scan the house with different vision modes, trying to find the right person. However while using a vision mode, the player is vulnerable to attacks from the other player! If hit by a player attack while using a vision, they will lose one of their three lives. Trying to guess who the right one is will not work. Attacking a regular nobody will result in losing a life. Players can also mark the nobodies if they are sure that he is not "The One". Marked nobodies will be visible to both players. Marking "The One" will result in losing a life and changing the appearance of "The One".
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You Only Live Thrice
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Animations made with motion capture using Kinect.
Installation Instructions: 


With Controller:

Movement: Stick
Blue vision: X button
Green vision: A button
Red Vision: B button
Mark as nobody: Y button
Jump: Left bumper
Attack: Right bumper

With Keyboard:  

Movement: WASD + mouse
Blue vision: 3
Green vision: 1
Red vision: 2
Mark as nobody: L-ctrl
Jump: Space / mouse2
Attack: mouse1


Jussi Säilä - Programming, Version Control 

Kimmo Kaisla - Programming

Juhani Partanen - Character design & models, Animation 

Mikko Ylitalo - 3D models, level architecht, sound

Teemu Sinkkonen - Programming,  texture artist, 3D models

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