Blind Spot

A group of prisoners live day by day trapped in a dark and cold dungeon separated by thick walls from each other. Having lost their eyes to their captors tortures, they are unable to see the world around them anymore. However one faithful day each one of them manages to find one of their friend's still living eyeballs on their prison's floor. Now, able to see what traps threaten each other, but completely blind to the dangers around themselves. The prisoners must help guide each other through all obstacles if they hope to escape the dungeon, regain their eyes and see the outside world again.
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I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The game was developed using Direct X 11 with our own Framework and UDP Sockets for the Server Side.
Installation Instructions: 

------ FIRST THE SERVER SIDE -------

-First Compile and Run the C# Project BlindSpots/GGJ-Server/XDKLocalServer.sln in Visual Studio 2013.

-A gray window will show up with a textbox, there you have to write anything you want and then click on the Button "Create Universe".

-You will notice that the "Universe" List will have a new item, now all you have to do is right-click on it and a ContextMenu will show. Find the "START" option and click on it. That it will be all for creating a server for the game to run on.


-------- NOW THE CLIENT SIDE -------

-First open the C# Project BlindSpots/GGJ-Game/XDK Framework - Windows 7.sln in Visual Studio 2013.

-Open the source file on Win7Game/com/digitalkancer/app/GlobalNetworkGame.cs and change the line code number:42, example:
--Original> mUniverseClient.SetServerConnectionData("", 11000); 
--Your version> mUniverseClient.SetServerConnectionData("Server IP", 11000);

-Compile and run, and it will show you a black screen with a text "-- Waiting Players --"

-Finally go to: BlindSpots\GGJ-Game\Win7Display\bin\Debug\Win7Display.exe and open a second instance for playing in the same machine, if you are in a Local Area Network just open the instance in the remote computer. Happy gaming! :D


Blind Spot


- Credits -

Cristian Flores Shute

Julio Palacios Koo

Jerson La Torre Espinoza

Jorge García Soto

Mauricio Rodriguez Villafuerte


- Lima Game Jam 2014 -

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