Get ready to SCREAM like a Banshee! And capture more squares than your opponents before the time is up. Banshee is an intense multi-player strategy game, where shouting (yes, you need to shout out-loud) is required to break through and into your opponent's territory. Player's must quickly navigate a grid based level to claim squares, reinforce their claims, and eventually capture a square. Creating a string of captured squares will automatically capture the territory behind it. Player's can also reduce the claims of opponent player's squares, but can not pass an opponent's square that has been captured. To nullify the captured state of a square, a player must shout out-loud while occupying that square.
Jam year: 
You Say it!
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
2-4 xbox controllers, PC w/ microphone

TEAM- Nazzty Fruit

Programming- Serge Pokorny, Niels Keetels

Game Art- Wiebe Giebels, Micah Hrehovcsik

Game Audio- Stijn Frishert

Game Design- Micah Hrehovcsik, Niels Keetels

Team Lead- Micah Hrehovcsik

Game Stills: