Are you there god? It's me, Carl.

Carl has an accident, oh dear. This is an exploration/puzzle game. The goal is for the spirit of dead Carl to collect all his body parts in order to get to heaven. How to play: First, grab a really good headset and make sure you wear them right (Left and Right). You have limited vision as a spirit. You can click on a body part to see where it is. Click again to go back to Carl's spirit. There are creatures on the map that make all kinds of sounds. The creatures and Carl's parts also have smell trails (visible only after you have the nose). Each environment has its own soundtrack. The arms allow you to kill the creatures, the ears let you hear what is around you, the head screams, the feet make a sound, the nose makes a sniffing sound and when on your body, it lets you detect smell trails. You need the head in order to get the eyes. These are the ingredients of the game. Once you know this, it is up to you to find a strategy to get Carl to heaven.
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MS Windows
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