Alternate realities

This game is about a little boy, who hit his head when he was young... Everything that happens in the game after that incident is actually happening only in his head and in the reality world, he is doing another thing. He have to escape from the reality world he is trapped in. In the real world, a tree is a tree while in his head, he sees them as monsters and such. The only way to escape is to confront the ugly boss in the final stage after you solve all the maze. have fun!!!
Jam year: 
Design, Create, Play
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audacity/ Photoshop 1.6
Installation Instructions: 

unzip and open with gamemaker


From left to right: Vanessa Lim, Owen Yong, Ang Guan Shaw(RubyJ), Lin Jun Jun(Stitch23), Kelvin Tey, Ong Yi Qian, Xiong Ying, Vanessa Koh

Programming: Xiong Ying/Owen Yong/ RubyJ(Guan Shaw)

Art: Vanessa Koh/Vanessa Lim/Kelvin Tey

Designing: Kelvin Tey/RubyJ(Guan Shaw)/Owen Yong/Stitch23(Jun Jun)/Vanessa Lim

Audio: Yi Qian/Kelvin Tey

Story: Owen Yong

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