Across the Unseen

This is a cooperative multiplayer game, which the goal is to survive with a partner against the unseen meteors. A spaceship can shot white and same colors meteors and can only see the obstacles of your partner's color. The goal is to tell to the other player about where he should shot to survive the maximum of time in this infinite survival game.
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Rebels Learns it Better
MS Windows, Mac OS X, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Server coded in Java SE Requires ex2D
Installation Instructions: 

First run Java Server (Java Server/ServerGame.jar). Change the port if necessary, otherwise leave the default port.

Run any build you want. In order to get the iPad version it’s necessary to build it from the Xcode project. It’s only for two players. You can use any version, iPad x Windows, Windows x Mac etc. Just set the IP and port of the host previously started. See other/config_server_example.png and other/config_game_example.png

IMPORTANT: Run at 1024x768 for proper synchronization with the iPad version. 

To finish the game, you must exit the application like: Close the window, Alt+F4, Command+Q, Home (iPad). Sorry, we didn’t have too much time to add a decent “quit” option.

Have fun!


Designed by

Paulo Jansen &

Wallas Henrique

Thanks to

Hedvan Pinto

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