Jammer Resources


  • Our Gold Sponsors, Unity have moved all of the functionality needed for a game jam into the free version of Unity3D - check it out!
  • Wanna jam faster? We have a few invites to the beta of Defold – a new free game engine thanks to our Gold Sponsors, King.  Be one of the first outside of King to try it out, claim your invite on defold.com/ggj16 and read more at defold.com.

  • Global Game Jam® Silver Sponsors, SideFX, are offering jammers a free three month Indie Houdini license to jam with!
  • GameMaker: Studio Professional free trial for all Global Game Jammers, thanks to YoYo Games!
    Simply enter the code: GGJ-PW5Q2 into the voucher box of the YoYo Checkout to redeem your free trial that can be used within Studio Free to upgrade it to the Professional trial. The Studio Pro trial ends on March 1st 2016.

    As well as the free trial of Studio Professional, YoYo are also offering 50% off Studio Pro, HTML5 module, and Android module for the duration of the Global Game Jam!

    YoYo have also launched the GameMaker Jam Jar, a central hub for everything you need to start out with GameMaker: Studio and Game Jams, including tutorialsassets and tools to help you with your jam entry!

  • Silver Sponsors, Mozilla has made a series of short HTML5 tutorial videos especially for the Global Game Jam®. Become a master of HTML5 development here.

  • From Bronze Sponsors, PlayFab: Any game registered as part of the Global Game Jam® is entitled to use PlayFab Standard Tier for the life of their title. The entire feature set of you get with the Standard tier can be found at https://playfab.com/pricing/.  Email ggj@playfab.com to claim your free usage. The email should contain a link to your GGJ user profile and game.

Resources / tools lists

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