A game about maintaining professionalism and practicing good manners in the workplace. ... and hallucinations. Control each of your eyes individually with the analog sticks (note: requires an XBOX 360 Controller or equivalent emulated through MotioninJoy), and control your eyelids with the triggers. Keep your eyes on your boss so he knows that you're paying close attention in your meeting!
Jam year: 
Hackontroller:The game must use a custom controller invented by the team, or use an existing controller in a manner never seen before.
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires an XBOX 360 Controller or an equivalent emulating a 360 controller through MotioninJoy. Sorry about that, we ran out of time to make keyboard/mouse mappings.

Our team consisted of Rob Beecher, Kiril Geshev, Jennifer Tella, Paul Murray, Alex Ripple, and Wendy Schiller.

Rob Beecher: Design, Writing, Voice Acting, Audio Recording/Editing, Video Editing

Kiril Geshev: Design, Programming

Jennifer Tella: Art

Paul Murray: Design, Programming

Alex Ripple: Music, Sound Design

Wendy Schiller: Art

Game Stills: