Fru is a game in which you see things not as they are, but as *you* are. We interpreted the theme literally using the outline of a player as a mask to a different world. The concept is very simple to understand, but very hard to explain. If you have a Kinect, you may be one of the few to enjoy the product of love and fatigue :)
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Hackontroller:The game must use a custom controller invented by the team, or use an existing controller in a manner never seen before.
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Needs Kinect & Controller (Xbox 360 will do)
Installation Instructions: 

Just start it with a Kinect already plugged in.


Christiaan Bloemendaal - Tech Programming, Sound Design

Christian Kokott - Game/Level Design, Tech Programming

Lauren Lapierre Armande: Art

David Oppenberg - Game/Level Design, Music

Robin-Yann Storm: Game/Level Design

Mattia Traverso - Game/Level Design, Producing, Gameplay Code

Chi Wong: Art

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