Chromaclysm is a multiplayer arena game. In the game, two teams duke it out in the arena with the goal of taking over the most nodes before time runs out. Players will have to strategize with each other in order to defend and take over as many nodes as they can.
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Can You Come And Play?:The game has a local multi-player mode
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip the .zip file and double click "Chromaclysm_GGJ14.exe".  Plays best in 1366x768 resolution with the "Simple" graphics quality setting on. Hit the esc button to restart the game. No exit button is present in the Game Jam bulid so either hit Alt+F4 to close it (if fullscreened) or Alt+Tab while in the game and "X" it out to close it.


Chromaclysm is a "twin stick shooter". The left control stick moves the player and the right analog stick shoots.


The game is 2v2. Stand near a nodes for 3 seconds to capture it. Each captured node generates points. The team with the most points at the end wins. If you get hit too many times, your color fades out and you lose the ability to shoot and capture nodes. To repair yourself, return to your own spawn point, but be careful not to touch your opponents' spawn!


You can shoot down your opponent's bullets. Use this to move in close and then quickly change direction to catch them off guard!


Artist – Justin Weese

Designer – Max Cameron

Designer/Media Producer – Chris Robinson

Programmer – Brandon Bishop

Special thanks to the programmers at the UB site and Jack for helping us out.

Keep jammin'!

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