• 5 October 2014

    Hello everyone! My name is Ciro Durán, and I'm the Executive Producer for the Global Game Jam 2015. I welcome everyone to the biggest, funnest game development event in the world. We've been working a lot to make things a lot easier for you as a site organizer, and I'm sure we will all have a lot of fun during the weekend of January 23th to 25th, 2015. I hope to see many returning sites and countries, but I'd also be delighted to see new ones! That's where you enter: when you sign up for a Global Game Jam site, you will not be alone. You will receive a lot of the knowledge we, as organizers, have accumulated throughout all these years.

    I know that the idea of organizing a game jam might seem strange, or even terrifying, but allow me to tell you a story...

  • 9 August 2014

    It's almost time to plan for GGJ 2015. Are you ready? Here are some important dates to keep in mind.

    October 1, 2014: End of the early-bird sponsorship special
    October 4, 2014: globalgamejam.org open to accept new jam site applications

New Locations