• 25 January 2015

    The Global Game Jam is almost over. Now what do we do with the games? Our generous sponsor, Microsoft, is interested in publishing your GGJ developed games on its platforms and they are offering major incentives to do so. For those interested in porting your games to Windows, and or Windows Phone stores, there is a new challenge that offers $25,000 worth of prizes and awards for your entries. The entry period ends on March 20th, 2015. Read more about it, and apply today!

  • 24 January 2015

    Upload your games by Sunday! A reminder that all your original work and source code must be uploaded to your game before the end of the jam. This includes print-and-play documents for non-digital games and all the original assets in compressed form in a certain structure.

    Here is a sample ZIP file with the correct structure. If the executable is too large, you may skip it or put a URL instead, but you can't skip the source code!

    Here are full instructional presentations in English, español and 汉语 .

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