• 3 June 2015

    As a new initiative and experiment, the Global Game Jam has decided to hire an Executive Producer (EP) to lead the effort to run Global Game Jam 2016. The EP will manage a group of volunteers in the Executive Committee, who together with the EP will be responsible for organising GGJ 2016.

    The role is paid on a contract basis. Contract to begin as soon as possible. Expected working time is 15 hours a week, with the heaviest work load expected towards December / January and fewer earlier on.

  • 30 January 2015

    We had another record-breaking year at Global Game Jam. 28,837 people registered for 518 jam sites in 78 countries and 5438 games were produced. We estimate actual in-person participation to be about 21,000 people, based on registered team members and known number of organizers.

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